Do you have questions? Check below to find the answers to the most common concerns.

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Q: How do I use or take this course?

A: Sleep for life is a video course that you can access on your phone, tablet, or computer. Simply watch the course, fill out the worksheets that Sasha has provided, and prepare to begin sleeping so much better!

Q: How long will it take to listen to the course?

A: The entire course is about 4 hours, so you can complete it all in one day. Most people complete the course in 3-4 days. You may continue to use the Sleep Tools for many months.

Q: How quickly will I see results?

A: Many people begin sleeping better immediately, within a night or two. But others take a little longer. You should always give the program at least 30 days to ensure your good sleep has a strong habit.

Q: What if Sleep For Life doesn’t work? Do you offer a guarantee?

A: Sleep For Life does work, brilliantly! Though if you are unhappy with the results, simply email our customer service ([email protected]) within 30 days of purchase for a full refund.

Q: I have chronic insomnia and take a sleeping pill every night. Do I need to stop taking them to use Sleep For Life?

A: We cannot recommend that you stop taking any current medication (including natural remedies) without the advice of your doctor. But your full recovery from insomnia will never be complete until you have stopped taking all sleeping medication. With the help of your doctor, Sleep For Life will make it much easier to reduce and eventually stop taking sleeping medication.

Q: My insomnia is stress-related. Will Sleep for Life help me?

A: Insomnia is usually stress-related – even if the only worry is that you’re not sleeping! Sleep for Life will help not only help your sleep-related stress, it will lower your general stress levels and teach you unique and effective ways to relax. We include several recordings as extra bonuses for this purpose.

Q: It is my worry about not sleeping that keeps me awake. Will Sleep For Life help?

A: Definitely! One of the things which makes chronic insomnia so persistent is that worry about not sleeping is often enough to keep us awake. Unlike many other cures for insomnia, The Sleep for Life program works to break that worry-insomnia-worry cycle and allows that sleep-related stress to be distant memory, rather than a constant concern.

Q: I fall asleep easily but wake up too early, sometimes after a few hours. Can Sleep For Life help?

A: This is a common problem. Its official name is sleep maintenance insomnia. This type of sleep disorder responds very well to Sleep For Life.

Q: I have a lot of trouble sleeping the night before important events so that when I most need the sleep, I cannot get it. Can Sleep For Life help?

A: ‘Special Event Insomnia’ can be crushingly persistent, and heart breaking. I suffered with this for many years before working out exactly how to tackle the problem. Sleep For Life is one of the only natural remedies for insomnia that gives specific instructions on how to overcome ‘Special Event Insomnia.’

Q: My insomnia started when I hit menopause. Can you help?

A: So many women seem to suffer a reduction in sleep quality at this time, and it is not taken seriously enough. Most women are made to feel like they just have to put up with it. But this is nonsense. We have countless (former) female insomnia sufferers aged 50+ (including Sasha herself) who have experienced fantastic results.

Q: Is Sleep For Life safe?

A: It is absolutely safe, but people with a pacemaker, epileptics and pregnant women should exercise caution when using the Sleep Tool recordings. When in doubt, consult your doctor.

Q: Is Sleep For Life hard to follow?

A: Sleep For Life is easy to follow and is loaded with stories and anecdotes to help you understand your problem and how to deal with it. I have worked hard to make sure it is clear, approachable, powerful, and straightforward. Sleep For Life does require commitment. It is not a quick-fix or a miracle cure, but the results are both dramatic and lasting.

Q: Can I order Sleep For Life from countries outside the US or Great Britain?

A: You may download Sleep For Life in digital form from anywhere, provided your internet provider allows such downloads.