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Afraid You Won't Sleep Tonight? How to Use 'Superpowered' Affirmations to Beat Insomnia and Sleep Better.

Do you love using positive affirmations to create change? Do you find them cheesy, ridiculous or too self-helpy? Or have they just never worked for you? I want to show you a very different and more powerful way of using positive affirmations that can help you sleep better, even if...


How to Overcome Negative Thoughts about Sleep

Anyone who has suffered the horror of insomnia is likely to be very familiar with negative, unpleasant, or downright scary thoughts. They can plague us, sabotaging our ability to sleep well. And the more we try to get rid of them, or understand them, the more they seem to stick around. One of...


Essentially, I Can’t Sleep. The Problem of Insomniac Identity.

These days, poor sleep is viewed as a medical condition in its own right. We have even given the sleep-deprived their own label – insomniacs. But even before I overcame my own fifteen-year sleep problem, and became a sleep therapist, I was always concerned by this ‘medicalisation’ of poor...